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Top 10 RV Spots in California

Why Sequoia Rv Rental?

Comfortable & Family Friendly

We offer well maintained, comfortable and accommodating RV’s that you and the whole family can enjoy. No matter where you plan to adventure, you can always rely on having a safe place to relax and make great family memories.

Our goal is excellent service and we strive to make the process as simple and easy as possible the whole ride, from pickup to driving, to drop off.

Easy Delivery & Pick Up

To ensure simplicity, we offer delivery and pick up for an extra fee to clients located in Ventura County & North West LA County.

If you’d like to skip the extra cost, you are always welcome to pick up and drop off the RV from our location.

Fully Stocked & Equipped

Our RVs come fully stocked and equipped with all the necessary items your family will need for your trip.


From kitchen appliances, bedding & pillows, to a variety of fun board games, you don’t have to worry about bringing any extra items. Both RVs also have Bluetooth capabilities and smart radio. All you need to worry about is bringing your luggage and food!

Great for First Timers

If you have not driven an RV before, there is no need to worry! We offer a variety of resources that are easily accessible that will help get you started.

We have instructional walk thru videos for each RV & towing model. This will go over everything you need to know about driving and maintaining the vehicle. We go over everything from set up to the control panels.


Before you head off on your trip we do a short in person walk thru with you. This is a great time to ask any questions you might have.

Worry-Free Insurance

Our goal is to offer insurance that is simple and easy to use.


To make this process even simpler, we have you covered with comprehensive insurance at no additional costs.

Available RVs


Sleeping capacity: 7

Seating capacity: 7

Length: 35.83’

Width: 8.42’

Exterior Storage: 6 large cabinets

Freshwater Tank Capacity: 70.0 gal

Black Waste Holding Tank Capacity: 50.0 gal

Gray Waste Tank Capacity: 66.0 gal

Liquid Propane Tank Capacity: 24.0 gal

Fuel Capacity: 75.0 gal

Fuel Efficiency: 6 to 10 mpg (depending on speed & elevation)

Pricing Information:

  • $265/day includes 100 miles per day @ 50 cents per additional mile.

  • Generator comes with two hours of usage per day, $8 per additional hour.

  • $135 mandatory fee for cleaning and restocking of essentials.

  • Two-day minimum rental.

  • $1,500 security deposit.


Sleeping capacity: 5

Seating capacity: 5

Length: 29.92’ (from hitch to back of trailer)

Width: 8’

Exterior Storage: 2 cabinets & hitch storage basket on back

Freshwater Tank Capacity: 46.2 gal

Black Waste Holding Tank Capacity: 30.5 gal

Gray Waste Tank Capacity: 30.5 gal

Liquid Propane Tank Capacity: 9.4 gal

Dry Weight: 5,040 lbs

Hitch Weight: 535 lbs

Pricing Information:

  • $110/day, generator comes with 2 hours per day $6 for addition hours.

  • $120 mandatory fee for cleaning and restocking of essentials.

  • 3 day minimum.

  • $1,000 security deposit.


"From start to finish they were informative, responsive and helpful. We appreciated the advance answers to all of our questions regarding supplies and the meeting process. The orientation and key exchange was pleasant and thorough. We felt very comfortable and supported throughout the rental time. Sandy was quick to answer and a pleasure to deal with. The rig is beautiful and in great condition. It exceeded our expectations and we would definitely rent it again."

- Laura

About Us

Sequoia RV Rental is a family owned and operated business based in Ventura, California - a few miles outside of Los Angeles.


Our family has enjoyed our RV experiences so much that we wanted to share that experience with others. We want you to have a fantastic trip and are ready to answer any questions you may have!

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